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We advocate and promote human rights and environmental protection in resource extraction activities by monitoring corporate and state conduct in a peaceful and collaborative manner.


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We Promote Transparency

The way in which governments manage and distribute resources must be known to the communities.

We Promote Equity

Resources (and profits) must be distributed to ALL partners in the “channel” in a fair manner.

We Promote Accountability

Governments need to respond to communities on time and in a fair manner to ensure that their concerns are being addressed – and acted on timeously.

Funders & Partners

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Special Initiatives

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The Southern Africa Resources Watch (SARW) coordinates the Coalition Against SLAPP in Africa (CASA).

The coalition’s primary objective is to counter SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suits, which pose a continued threat to the work of journalists, activists, whistleblowers, human rights defenders, and other civil society organisations that strive to demand corporate accountability. CASA’s efforts are aimed at addressing this issue on a continental level.


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