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The founding members of the Pamoja Critical Minerals Forum are calling for organisations based in Angola, Botswana, DRC, Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe that share the Forum’s aspirations to join as members.

What is the Pamoja Critical Minerals Forum

The Pamoja Critical Minerals Forum is a platform that aims to promote solidarity and networking among stakeholders to ensure that the demand for critical minerals is connected to transformative, environment and climate-sensitive industrial strategies in the SADC region. The Forum stands for decolonised and gender-just critical minerals value chains that address the manufacturing of clean energy technologies. These technologies are critical to addressing energy poverty in the SADC region by increasing energy access, facilitating green job creation, providing cleaner energy solutions, and generating a higher fiscal share of critical minerals-aligned national and local government revenue streams across SADC.

Background to the formation of the Forum

SARW hosted a meeting on critical minerals focusing on the role of Civil Society in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia’s cooperation on EV battery Manufacturing in the context of the global demand for cobalt and lithium-ion batteries. The meeting was attended by 36 representatives from DRC and Zambia’s Civil Society, Labor Movement, Private Sector, and Academia. Participants expressed concern over the marginalisation of civil society, including community groups, in the Battery Initiative. They affirmed their support for critical minerals refinement and value addition. They agreed to mobilise for broader and meaningful civic participation to ensure governments and their international partners are held accountable for every aspect of the Battery Initiative and the extraction and beneficiation of critical minerals value chains.

The meeting resolved to establish a civic society platform called the “Pamoja Critical Minerals Forum.” Primarily, the forum was created to ensure collective monitoring of the implementation of the Battery Initiative and to promote transparent and responsible governance of the critical minerals value chain. It was also agreed that the Forum’s work should be framed as part of climate change action and the global energy transition from fossil fuel to clean energy systems. Social and environmental justice must be informed by the needs of communities and aligned with both countries’ national laws and development priorities. The meeting noted that Southern Africa has abundant critical mineral deposits. Therefore, the focus should be on steering a regional opportunity pathway towards a more minerals-aligned and sustainable development trajectory.

Why Join the Forum

The Forum aims to foster networking and solidarity between stakeholders, enable collective monitoring of the critical minerals mining and value chain, promote transparent and responsible governance, advocate for access to information, and establish a regional approach towards sustainable management of critical minerals. Joining the Forum presents an excellent opportunity for collaboration, accessing information, and contributing to the sustainable development of the region.

How to Join

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