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As part of SARW’s business and human rights work, it is implementing a regional programme in DRC, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zambia that seeks to address development finance for community and environmental defenders including strengthening mechanisms for grievance redress. Under this project, SARW seeks to develop a regional standard for effective and sustained community participation, grievance redress and respect for human rights in mining sector through a mechanism that promotes environmental justice financing in mining projects. It further seeks to strengthen platforms at the regional, national, and local communities to continuously engage with mining companies for relationship building and protection of human rights. The project is narrowly focused on advocating for the use of the tool kit to create effective and sustained community participation, grievance redress mechanism and environmental justice financing in mining projects through supporting the community stakeholder’s forums. The project seeks to strengthen existing and create new platforms that promote coexistence that respects human rights. Under this project, local communities will also be provided with the capacity to monitor and document the operations of the mining companies as part of efforts by them and the companies to promote business and human rights.

The desired impact of the project is to further assist mining companies, community members and community leaders in understanding the local political and community dynamics that are key to attaining broad community participation related to their business and human rights work in operations.

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