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This project aims to build and/or strengthen anti-Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) movements at a continental level. The focus is to drive anti-SLAAP laws, protection of civic space, and bring awareness to corporate bullying and its eroding of democracy and advancements of human rights. The desired impact of the project is to establish an African coalition that collaborates with other continental bodies to advocate against SLAAPs by bringing awareness and supporting movements and organisations under attack.  This includes supporting public watchdogs across the various regions and ensuring solidarity by profiling and exposing SLAPP suits under the principle “If one is targeted, all are targeted”.  The coalition seeks to work with people’s movements/organisations, unions, legal community/organisations, human rights defenders, media/journalists and any other persons or entities who are concerned about the legal harassment and various forms of intimidation by corporations intended to silence free speech, violate the rights of vulnerable groups and hinder transparency.

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