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Building Community Voices /Mpumalanga Climate Justice Project

This project is focused on amplifying coal-affected community voices to demand divestment in coal mining and a just-energy transition. This project is conducted in the Carolina community in Mpumalanga, and the project-specific objectives include capacitating, empowering, and uplifting women and youth of the Carolina mining community to; lead in direct action focused on the divestment of coal and just transition and for the community members to contribute to critical dialogues with crucial stakeholders meaningfully focused on policy commitments concerning coal divestment and just transition.

The desired impact of the project is that the community is empowered to champion their rights publicly and views on climate justice. It seeks to ensure that critical stakeholders know the importance of meaningful engagement, including gender considerations and women’s participation, transparency and accountability for climate justice in the community. In addition to key stakeholders in government, private sector and media awareness of the impact of coal, climate crisis and just energy transition for the community of Carolina.

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