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SARWatch Participates in Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Global Assembly

“A real reflection of people’s movement, dedicated to changing the course of history.” – Ngoy Mango

Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARWatch) participated in the 2019 Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Global Assembly. SARWatch was represented by its Project Officer for Gender, Communities and Communication, Patricia Ngoy Mango.

SARWatch has been working with PWYP since 2008, supporting the activities of PWYP coalitions in Southern Africa, especially in DRC, Zambia and Zimbabwe. SARWatch also works with the PWYP regional office for East and Southern Africa to promote the work of country PWYP coalitions.
SARWatch, which recently became a separate organisation from the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), is committed to continue to work with PWYP coalitions and the regional secretariat for East and Southern Africa to promote and consolidate the great work being done at country level to ensure that extractive industries are transparent, accountable and transformative.

Ms Ngoy Mango describes the recent PWYP Global Assembly as “a real reflection of people’s movement, dedicated to changing the course of history.” She was encouraged and fortified by the messages of commitment to the vision, mission and new strategy of PWYP. For Mango “PWYP is the only visible movement of mobilisation at large scale and capable of transforming the resource sector into one that is fully people’s centred.”

SARWatch welcomes the PWYP Global Five Year Strategy and agrees with the slogan suggested by Elisa Peter, Executive Director PWYP, “Nothing about us without us” as a mobilisation tool.

SARWatch supports the various speakers who raised the issue of shrinking space for civil society as the biggest threat to PWYP, and calls upon PWYP coalitions at country, regional and global level to regard this as the number one enemy.

SARWatch would like to congratulate Chenai Mukumba of Zambia on her election as Anglophone Africa representative to the PWYP Global Council in line with PWYP’s Global Strategy 2020-2025. SARWatch looks forward to working with her to ensure that her term is a success.


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