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Corporate Social Responsibility of Mining Companies in Zambia: The Case of Kansanshi Mine.


  • Name:  Edward Lange

             Southern Africa Resource Watch 

  1. Name : Ivy Mutwale 

          Programmes Manager- Zambia National Education Coalition  

  • Name : Dr. Jewette Masinja 

            University of Zambia – School of Mines

  • Name : Prof. Arthur Kaniki

University of Lubumbashi – DRC 

  • Name : David van Wyk

Benchmarks Foundation -RSA 

  1.  Name : Micomyiza Dieudonn’e

Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection ( JCTR) -Solwezi 

Moderator : Rev . George Palo , Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia  


Zambia is an old mining country. The country’s economy is dependent on the mining sector.  Zambia is known for its copper. The country has  attracted a number of big multinational mining companies over the years.  Today the country has over 31 large scale  mining companies in operations. While the sector contributed 13.2%  to the country ‘s GDP  in 2019 . Unfortunately, the contribution of the sector  towards the social economic upliftment of mining communities remain negligeable. Most mining companies claim to be involved in corporate social responsibilities and are proud of their interventions and impact. The question is: why there is no visible changes  to the lives of mining communities?  Many people question the relevant of a voluntary CSR initiative in Zambia, and there have called for it to be regulated.  Using its findings in his recent study on First Quantum Minerals Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility :Kansanshi Mine, SARW  will organise a webinar to discuss the relevance and CSR in Zambia mining sector


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