Author: Claude K

Southern Africa Resource Watch

2018 DRC Alternative Mining Indaba, May 2018

The DRC Alternative Mining Indaba is in its second edition this year. It will be held (21-24 May) in the rich mining province of Lualaba. Over 250 participants are expected to attend from national and provincial governments, mining companies, civil society, labour, communities and artisanal miners. If you are interested in what is happening in…
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Alternative Mining Indaba(DRC): Memorandum for the Attention of the Governor of Lualaba Province

The Congolese people in general, and local communities in particular, do not benefit from the exploitation of their mineral resources.

SARW appointed Vice-chair of the ICGLR/DRC Forum National Committee

Behind SARW’s appointment are the various activities since 2010 to tackle the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the Great Lakes Region, the Alternative Summit on the margins of ICGLR Heads of State Special Summit.


Memorandum of Congolese Civil Society Organizations operating in the area of natural resources on the mining code revisionLes Organisations de la société civile œuvrant dans le secteur des ressources naturelles en RDC prennent de nouveau l’initiative de vous adresser le présent mémorandum, afin d’inviter le Gouvernement à fixer l’opinion sur le processus de la révision…
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South Africa Silicosis: The price of gold

The mining industry contributes significantly to the hardship experienced by black women in rural areas of South Africa. For decades, mining houses have drawn in young black men for labour, only for many to return home sick, with little to show for years spent toiling underground.


Gov. Mangudya – Commendable Stance on Artisanal MinersGovernor, Dr. John Mangudya plans to engage artisanal miners on responsible gold mining and decriminalise gold possession, which will assist artisanal miners.