Alternative Mining Indaba 2019

Southern Africa Resource Watch

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a resource-rich country with more than 1,100 known minerals. It is also a country torn by conflict, poor governance and poverty. The abundant mineral resources do not benefit the population because of these three challenges. Nevertheless, efforts have been made by the government and other stakeholders to address this. In 2018 the DRC revised its mining code which will have to be fully implemented in order to position the extractive industries as a source of development. Also, the Congo has just organized the general elections and the people are waiting for the new regime to be more transparent and more responsible in the management of mineral resources, using the mining code as a legal instrument.

In this context, multi-stakeholder dialogues are essential to ensure a continuous exchange of views among key stakeholders so that they can hold each other accountable in the governance of mineral resources. In the past two years, SARW has organized a series of national dialogues known as Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) with the support of the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa and GIZ. These conferences having been very successful, SARW whose main mission is to promote the good management of natural resources, wishes to see the extractive industry contribute to a sustainable development, promote citizens’ socio-economic rights and protect the environment. SARW is working to ensure that the extractive industry contributes to inclusive growth and sustainable economic development, especially for local communities living near extractive industries.

This third edition of AMI DRC will be held from 9 to 11 July 2019 at the Pullman Grand Hotel in Kinshasa under the theme: Mining Code: application, challenges and opportunities, One Year later. More than 200 delegates from local and international civil society organizations, local and national governments, parliament, mining companies, local and regional mining communities, media and academia are expected to attend.

As per attached program, many topics will be discussed, such as the content and application of the new mining code, the Millennium Development Goals; community protection and development; mining royalties; strategic minerals and their responsible sourcing; innovations of the mining code on artisanal mining; the participation of Congolese in the capital of mining companies, etc …

Due to budget constraints, SARW will only cover the cost of travel for speakers, facilitators as well as some community members.

Those who wish to participate in the conference will be required to register online at from 09th to 30th June 2019. Further logistic details will follow after registration.

For more information please contact Mrs Patricia Ngoy Mango : [email protected]