About SARW

South African Resource Watch

Our mission:

SARWatch works for participatory, transparent and accountable utilisation of extractive resources in a manner that optimises transformative social and economic benefits and inter-generational equity, with sensitivity to environmental and human rights impacts.

About us

The Southern Africa Resource Watch was founded in 2007 and operated as a project within the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA). Its location and operations were primarily in SADC, well known as the world’s richest region in terms of extractive resources. While its establishment was related to the global natural resources boom of the 2000s, SARWatch outlived that specific economic boom as well as numerous extractive industry cycles over the past 12 years.

Since June 2018, SARWatch was transformed from an OSISA project into an independent watchdog institution. In spite of the change in its institutional structure and form, SARWatch remains committed to being an institution of excellence both in terms of its quality of work and its organisational reputation. It remains focused on ensuring that Africans benefit optimally from resource extraction.

SARWatch promotes research, advocacy and capacity development in the Extractive Industries to tackle injustice and poverty. It is interested in seeing the extractive industries (minerals, gas, oil and logging) contributing to a sustainable development and advancing the social and economic rights of southern African citizens and protecting the environment.

​​​​​​​While promoting responsible mining, SARW strives to ensure that extractive contributes to a broad-based growth and sustainable economic development particularly of local communities living closer to mining activities.