Our Vision

Improved human conditions through good governance of the region’s resources.

·         Monitor corporate and state conduct in the extraction and beneficiation of natural resources in Southern Africa, and assess to what extent these activities uplift the economic conditions of the region’s communities.


·         Generate and consolidate research and advocacy on natural resource extraction in Southern Africa.


·         Create informed awareness of the specific dynamics of natural resources in Southern Africa, building a distinctive understanding of the regional geo-political dynamics of resource economics.


·         Provide a platform of action, coordination and organisation for communities, activists, researchers, policy-makers, corporations, regional and global governing bodies  in the watching and strengthening of corporate and state accountability in extractive industries.


·         Engage with and support government on building accountable and transparent management of extractive resources.


·         Build capacity for communities, civil society, parliaments, and media to hold governments and corporations to account, and to participate in decisions about resource management.


·         Advocate and promote human rights and environmental protection in resource extraction activities.


What we do

SARW’s work focusses on nine key issues:

• Revenue transparency and accountability
• Legal and Institutional support
• The Africa Mining Visions
• Geo-politics and geo-strategy of resources
• Politics and resource management
• Extractive industry, communities, and the environment
• “Greening” trends and climate change issues
• Mining and the African “blue economy”
• Artisanal and small scale mining (ASM).


2018 DRC Alternative Mining Indaba, May 2018

The DRC Alternative Mining Indaba is in its second edition this year. It will be held (21-24 May) in the rich mining province of Lualaba. Over 250 participants are expected[…]

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Alternative Mining Indaba(DRC): Memorandum for the Attention of the Governor of Lualaba Province

The Congolese people in general, and local communities in particular, do not benefit from the exploitation of their mineral resources.

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SARW appointed Vice-chair of the ICGLR/DRC Forum National Committee

Behind SARW’s appointment are the various activities since 2010 to tackle the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the Great Lakes Region, the Alternative Summit on the margins of ICGLR[…]

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